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 on: February 02, 2010, 04:37:51 pm 
Started by Cosmo Pratchett - Last post by Cosmo Pratchett
      Family List

Lang Family
Grant - dad

Pratchett Family
Cosmo - dad

      Family List

 on: January 27, 2010, 05:01:55 pm 
Started by Cosmo Pratchett - Last post by Cosmo Pratchett
Name: (First and Middle if has one and Last):Cosmo James Pratchett



Height(Tall,Med,Short):tall, 6'3"

Color of hair:black

Likes:reading, fishing, reading and working from home, plus spending time with the children in my care

Dislikes:naughty children, messy rooms and bad behavior

Please give a detailed description of the Adult, (Does he/she get along with other children, does he/she get along with adults, what are some of his/her hobbies) Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible. This should be more than one paragraph. Short or non-detailed descriptions will not be accepted:

Cosmo is a firm believer in old fashioned discipline in his home when it came to punishments for his children or the children in his home. he is a kind gentle and loving man to all children he keeps close to his heart. He feels that all children whether they be his natural children or rejuved children he loved them all the same. Spending time with these children is his main goal, as he wanted to show children the right way to go about doing things. he liked thing in a natural order. He has a amount of golden rules for the children in his home. He will make sure all children have a punishment stool and a paddle resting on that stool at all times. If he ever goes into a room and doesn't find things in there right order, he tends to punish the child.

Cosmo loved to spend time alone and with the children he cares for. When he is in his study he is not to be disturbed for any reason unless it is to discipline his one of his children due to their behavior or room. He loved to sit in the living room, watching movies or tv shows with the family, or spending time playing a board game or reading to or with his children. He is trying to write his first novel about what rejuve technologies are around and what the rejuvination process does to the minds of the children with the nanos in their brains.

Is there any other information you would like to include about the character?


Please read all the Limits below and answer yes or no.
Punishment and limits

1. Would your character believe in punishing kids for misbehavior?yes

2. What methods of punishment are you most likely to use?spanking and grounding plus others

3. Please indicate which of the following punishments is acceptable and which is not:

* Grounding yes
* severe grounding (school and room only) yes
* Hand spanking. yes
* Personal Paddle yes
* Mommy/Daddy helper (light paddle)yes
* Hairbrush yes
* Full Paddle yes
* Strap yes
* Belt yes
* Mouth soaping
* Time out
* QuietTime
* Corner time
* Punishment stool
* Public spanking

7. Is there any other discipline not listed that you think would/might work work well for your character:

8. Finally, is there anything that was not already asked that you would like to tell us:

Do you agree to follow the rules, and the limits of others? yes

Do you understand that there will be no Sexual Contact, between adults and children and adults + adults? (Occasional Kissing is fine).yes quite agree

Do you have your Age in your profile? (This is required to be considered) yes

 on: August 22, 2009, 03:09:47 pm 
Started by Grant Lang - Last post by Grant Lang
Playing is very easy.

1. You sign in as your username.

2. You find the family list and see what family you're put into.

3a. To start playing you post your Rejuve at the Rejuvenation Centre.

3b. If you are not a rejuve child you can post in a thread anywhere to get your character going.

4. Just have fun.

5. If you have problems, contact an moderator.

 on: August 10, 2009, 06:08:24 pm 
Started by Grant Lang - Last post by Grant Lang
Joining is easy.

1. Please read the rules before joining.

2. Register your user name.

3. Complete the application of your choice and email to

4. You will be notified via email of the admins decision.

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